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transforming the way pre-employment
data is exchanged​

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    Introducing VOEDX’s innovative software development initiative: Fresh out of Stealth Mode and Ready to Transform the Industry!

    VOEDX is pioneering the pre-employment data exchange, transforming how Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA) and Furnishers buy and sell data. As CRAs seek to monetize their data, our cutting-edge platform turns legacy business models into powerful drivers of returns and company valuations.

    For the past 18 months, our expert team has meticulously defined, designed, and developed the exchange’s core functionalities, ensuring top-tier performance, rock-solid security, and an exceptional member experience.

    VOEDX’s Marketplace delivers a seamless, secure, and efficient data exchange platform that redefines critical interactions, enabling enhanced transparency, efficiency, and profitability for both parties.

    Stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight, VOEDX proudly announces the beginning of our public outreach. While we’re not fully launching just yet, we’re taking a strategic leap forward by extending invitations to a select group of collaborators

    These handpicked companies are key players in our upcoming testing and soft launch phase. It’s a pivotal step that lets us gather real-world data, fine-tune features, and guarantee our platform exceeds user expectations. While our exchange caters to all data needs of a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), we’re kicking off with Verification of Employment (VOE) records. Stay tuned as we roll out more exciting products shortly.

    Currently, we are looking for two specific types of collaborators: CRAs and Furnishers. CRAs and Furnishers collaborate closely to provide invaluable feedback on our platform’s functionality, usability, and performance. Their insights are pivotal in pinpointing areas for enhancement and ensuring alignment with user needs and industry benchmarks. Both collaborators are seasoned in API integrations and business-driven user scenarios, possess acute attention to detail, and boast experience in software testing or user experience design. Furnishers, as essential contributors, provide critical pre-employment data vital for the platform’s operation and testing.

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      As a VOEDX collaborator, you’ll have an exclusive chance to collaborate closely with our core development team, providing invaluable feedback and insights that directly shape the
final product.

      If you’re excited by this opportunity and ready to contribute to shaping the future of data exchange platforms, we’re eager to connect with you. Your expertise and insights are pivotal in shaping VOEDX’s success story. Reach out to us, and we’ll swiftly connect to explore how you can play a vital role as a valued collaborator in our upcoming testing and soft launch.